Release Notes: IMC v2.1.25


Version 2.1.25 of the Innovolt Management Cloud (“IMC”) provides two new features designed to improve your ability to collect and analyze data from your Innovolt devices.   



Notable New Features and Improvements

Device Read Status

We’ve introduced a ‘Read Status’ indicator so that you can easily determine if you are getting fresh, actionable data from your Innovolt devices.   One of the first steps in analyzing your Innovolt data is ensuring that you’re receiving it. 


Device statuses are based on a configurable setting allowing you to indicate how frequently a device should be optically read (e.g. with a Power Doctor or the Power Doctor Smartphone Adapter). The default for all devices is 30 days, but can be modified per device.  The available statuses and their meaning are as follows:


Optical Reads Received.  Indicates that the reads have been taken and uploaded as expected


Missed Optical Read.  Indicates that one expected read has not been recieved


Multiple Missed Optical Reads.  Indicates that 2 or more expected reads have not been received


Configuring the Read Interval

The read interval can be configured on the new Configuration Tab for the device.  To access this, click on the device you want to configure and then click on the “Configuration’ tab. 


You can change the number of days to any value between 1 and 999.  Enter the desired value and click Apply Configuration.



Export Data

You can now export your data to a CSV file for further analysis and reporting.   You can export all data for a group of devices (by using search and filters) or individual devices.  All available data will be exported to the CSV file; including disturbance data, device details, connected equipment, and time stamped event data for supported devices.

Exporting Multiple Device Data

From the Appliances page, you can export all the data for all the devices listed in the results.  If you simply want to export all your data, make sure no filters or search criteria are applied and click the desired export button.  The selected file will be downloaded to your computer.


Export Measurements

This will export all the disturbance data for your devices.  This is the same data found on the ‘Measurements’ tab.  In addition the device details and connected equipment data will be exported.


Export Events

This will export time stamped event data for the H1000, P1000, and P1003 devices.  This is the same data you will find on the ‘Events’ tab for one of these devices.  In addition the device details and connected equipment data will be exported.


Exporting Data for a Single Device

You can export data for a single device by clicking on the device to view it’s details and data. 

Exporting Measurements

Once you’ve selected the desired device, click on the ‘Measurements’ tab.  At the bottom of the page click the ‘Export Measurements’ button.  This will download the file to your computer.  All measurement data and device details will be included.


Exporting Events

Time stamped events for supported devices (H1000, P1000 and P1003) can be exported from the ‘Events’ tab.  Click the ‘Export Events’ button on the bottom of the page.  This will download the file to your computer.  All event data and device details will be included.

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