Innovolt Thresholds - South Africa

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Innovolt devices are designed to protect connected equipment by shutting down power to the connected device under the specific electrical conditions illustrated in the chart below

Please note: If turning off power to connected devices is not desirable the use of a UPS type device in conjunction with the Innovolt device is recommended. Connecting the Innovolt device directly to the power (i.e. – into the wall) and then to the UPS offers maximum protection.





Nominal Input Voltage/Current/Frequency


Relay closing (normal startup)

15 seconds (+/- 1 second)

Sag – 10% or greater drop of current voltage

207 or lower (at 230)

Brownout Threshold (Vbc)

192V (+/- 4V)

Recovery from Brownout (Vbr)

206V (+/- 4V)

Over Voltage Threshold (Voc)

259V (+/- 4V)

Recovery from any Over Voltage (Vor)

245V (+/- 4V) immediate

Catastrophic OV Threshold (Vcoc)

280V (+/- 4V)



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