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What does Innovolt’s RMA/ Warranty Cover?

The warranty protects the Innovolt devices for the five (5) power anomalies pursuant to the terms and conditions of purchase and warranty.  Click here to be directed to the Innovolt Warranty, Protection Promise and Terms


If you need to return or exchange a defective Innovolt device, all you have to do is submit a support request.

You can submit a request in several ways:

  1. Visit and choose Submit a Request (See procedure below)
    • Navigate to Submit an RMA on the drop-down menu
  2. Email your request to
    • Make sure to include: Model, Serial Number, Shipping Address, and Reason for Return

Procedure for Submitting an RMA Request

An Innovolt support member will process your request. Please retain the defective Innovolt device until you have received your RMA confirmation as you may be asked to ship your device back to Innovolt. If further evaluation is required, you will be sent a hyperlink to a prepaid return label. Upon receipt of the Innovolt device, we will inspect the device to determine if it falls under the Warranty.

When should I request an RMA?

If your Innovolt device is not working but there is no damage to your registered connected equipment ("asset")


Click here if you have any questions or need to submit an RMA


An RMA Claim is in relation to the Innovolt device only. Looking for information on Innovolt Warranty Claims? Click here.

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