Submitting a Warranty Claim

What does Innovolt's Warranty Cover?

The warranty protects the pre-registered connected end appliance (“asset”) for damage resulting from a failure of the Innovolt device to protect against the five (5) power anomalies pursuant to the terms and conditions of purchase and warranty.

  • Claims can be made per registered asset
  • If Innovolt fault is found, the Protection Promise claim protects up to $100,000

How do I register my Asset for Warranty coverage?

  • Go to:
  • Click the Product Registration button
  • Choose Register My Innovolt Device from the drop down menu
  • Fill out information and click Submit

Click here to read the Innovolt Warranty for North America


When to file a Warranty Claim

If you believe that your asset was not provided the proper protection by the connected Innovolt device pursuant to the Warranty and Protection Promise.  The Protection Promise is only offered and valid if your asset is pre-registered upon purchase to the specific Innovolt device as noted above. 

Procedure for submitting a Warranty Claim

  • Submit a request to our Support Portal by visiting and clicking Submit a Request
  • Select Request an RMA or Warranty Claim from the drop down menu. (Make sure to denote "Warranty Claim" in the Details field)
  • The Innovolt support technician will send you a return label for the Innovolt device as well as the asset's damaged part(s)
  • Ship the Innovolt device and part(s)
  • The parts are then analyzed by our 3rd party industry partner
    • If the Innovolt device is found not to have protected your asset, Innovolt will repair or replace the damaged parts and return to you per the terms of your warranty.
    • If damage was not caused by Innovolt device, Innovolt will obtain a quote for the repair and forward to customer and move forward with repair if customer approves.
      • If customer does not approve non-warranty repair, all parts will be returned to customer as is. (Shipping costs covered by Customer).
      • Innovolt will issue a replacement device to protect the customer's assets regardless of the future results of the diagnosis. If Innovolt is determined not at fault, we will charge you for the replacement Innovolt device.
      • This process generally takes 7-10 weeks.


Click here if you have any questions or need to submit a Warranty Claim


Looking for information on submitting RMA/Warranty Claim requests for Innovolt devices? Click Here.

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